At Bird's Eye View Design, we find it very important to assist in community gardening and landscaping projects.  We were given the opportunity to design this garden for the West End Clingman Avenue Neighborhood.  The community members joined together for the plantings and mulching.  Great job!



 We feel really great after we clean the streets in our community!  To adopt your own street contact one of our favorite local nonprofits, Asheville Greenworks.

Below is an estimation of how long litter affects the environment.  Information provided by Wikipedia:

 Paper and Paperboard: 6 months

Plastic Soda Bottles: 5-10 years

 Plastic Shopping Bags: 10-30 years

Tin Can: 80-100 years

Aluminum Can: 200-400 years

Sixpack Bottle Wrapping: 450 years

Golf Ball: 100-1000 years