Nicole Lachance grew up playing in the dirt with her father, who learned to garden from his father.  Her early interest in environmental conservation led her to study Horticulture at Virginia Tech, where she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree with an emphasis in Landscape Contracting in 1998.

Sharing an intense passion for plants with her professors, Nicole excelled in her studies, earning a spot in the Horticulture Honor Society.  While at Virginia Tech, she held several employment positions in the community, working as an indoor plant technician on campus, a woody plant specialist at a local nursery, and a residential landscape designer and gardener.

Wanting to see the country after graduating, Nicole took an internship opportunity in Northern California at the Redding Arboretum, where she designed and installed a picnic area complete with a water-wise irrigation system, native plantings, and recycled wood picnic tables.  Her next move took her to Tucson, Arizona to learn about desert gardening.  She was a crew leader for a large landscape firm and maintained the plantings and irrigation system at Starr Pass, an award winning residential and resort community.  Heading back east, she decided to indulge in a true nature experience and hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Along the way, she enjoyed watching the seasons change over the seven month trek, observing the flowers blooming, the trees leafing, the insects buzzing, the rain falling, and eating as many edible plants along the way as possible. 

Hiking through the southern Appalachians led her to her current home in Asheville, North Carolina, where she started her own business, Bird's Eye View Design, in 2002, which has grown over the years using the best kind of advertising - word of mouth. 

Specializing in residential garden maintenance and commercial and residential landscape design, Nicole's focus at Bird's Eye View Design is on "plants that work," seasonal interests, sustainable practices, native and edible plantings, water-wise irrigation systems, and capturing the "spirit of place," as envisioned by her Clients.  Throughout the design, installation, and maintenance processes, Nicole always returns to the definition of "horticulture":  "the science and art of using plants to improve human life."

Nicole often brings her talents into the community attending local garden club meetings, donating time and knowledge to non-profit organizations, giving presentations on gardening techniques, and is frequently seen picking up litter.  She regularly attends seminars to further her expertise and is a North Carolina Certified Plant Professional.

"I love being in gardens, looking at gardens, talking about gardens, and working in gardens!  Getting people out of doors to share my love of plants is a true joy in my everyday life.  Let's grow your outdoor nest!"